8 Week Gender Testing

Baby Gender Reveal
8 Week Gender Testing
8 Week Gender Testing

We are excited to announce that Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio offers Sneak Peek Clinical Early DNA Gender Testing at just 8 weeks of pregnancy.


Each week we facilitate Sneak Peek testing provided by Gateway Genomics.  During this event their licensed phlebotomist comes and collects DNA samples via blood draw from each of our expectant mom.  Our expectant moms can come to either our Valdosta, Georgia location, or our Jacksonville, Florida location for this early gender reveal test and find out within 24-48 hours if they’re having a baby boy, or a baby girl.  This is a wonderful option for those moms wanting to plan an early gender reveal party!


Below are a few of the common questions we receive and answers to those questions!  


How Accurate is SneakPeek Early 8 Week Gender DNA Testing?

In laboratory testing, SneakPeek accurately determined fetal sex in 99.1% of 108 pregnant women at 8 weeks gestational age.


How Does 8 Week Gender DNA Testing Work?

During pregnancy, cell-free fetal DNA is released by the placenta and can be found in mom’s bloodstream. Using a small sample of mom’s blood, SneakPeek tests for the presence of male DNA (Y-chromosomes). Y-chromosomes would only be present if mom is pregnant with a boy. If no Y-chromosomes are found, mom is carrying a girl.

When Can I Take the 8 Week Gender Test?

To take SneakPeek, you must be at least 8 weeks into pregnancy, which can be calculated using either the first day of your last menstrual period, or baby’s estimated due date.


How Early in My Pregnancy can I Test for My Baby’s Gender?

You can take the SneakPeek Gender DNA Test as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy.


Can I use Sneak Peek if I’m having a multiple birth pregnancy?

Yes you can. If we detect the presence of male DNA then we can confirm that at least one of the babies is male. If we do not detect male DNA then we can confirm you are only having female babies. We are not able to provide gender information specific to multiple babies at this time.

How Will I Receive My Results?

You’ll get an email form SneakPeek with the subject line “Your SneakPeek Result Is In!”. Be sure to check all your folders including PROMOTIONS and JUNK MAIL in case your email filter redirects it.

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8 Week Gender Testing
8 Week Gender Testing


While at Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio for this event moms can choose to see their baby in 2D ultrasound as early as 8 weeks.  During this early pregnancy baby scan they will also get to hear baby’s heartbeat and watch baby move around.  Printed photos and a baby heartbeat calculation are also included with this package.  This is one of our favorite times to perform pregnancy ultrasounds because many of our moms hear their baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks for the very first time during this scan.


We highly recommend adding a My Baby’s Heartbeat Animal to your ultrasound so you will have a recording of your baby’s heartbeat from their first fetal ultrasound to keep forever!


We currently offer Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA Testing at Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio in Valdosta, Georgia every Tuesday morning at 9am and every Wednesday morning at 11am at Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio in Jacksonville, Florida.

Price: $149 for 48 hour results, or $169 for 24 hour results.

For Valdosta, GA reservations, call (229) 415-4707

For Jacksonville, FL reservations, please call (904) 460-3756

We hope to see you, and your baby, soon!