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Welcome to Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studios!  We are excited to be a part of this special time in your life.  Our technicians provide the very best in 3D 4D Ultrasound Imaging with HD Live.  We  have also maintained a 100% accuracy rate for early gender reveal ultrasound at 14 weeks of pregnancy.  Both of our studios now offer Early Sneak Peek Clinical Gender via DNA testing so moms can find out at 8 weeks. Reservations for your Early Gender 3D Ultrasound can be made over the phone, or online.

 The Experience

Many of our expectant moms come multiple times during their pregnancy to watch their baby grow.  During their 3D 4D or HD Ultrasound they may see their baby smile, yawn, or suck their thumb!  They may even open their eyes!

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  • Gender Ultrasound

    One question we get asked all the time is whether we can really determine the gender at 14 weeks.  Each of our ultrasound technicians at Baby Bloom Studios have received extensive elective ultrasound training.  They are highly skilled in accurately determining so you can find out your baby’s gender as early as 14 weeks.   We have a 100% accuracy policy and 100% money back guarantee for our baby gender determination ultrasounds.  Reservations for your gender reveal 3D ultrasound can be booked over the phone, or online.

    • Note: A successful ultrasound is a team effort between us and the mom-to-be.  It is crucial to drink the recommended amount of water in the days leading up to your ultrasound for us to be able to determine the gender, or attain clear images of your baby. This amount is six 16.9oz bottles of water daily for 4 days in a row leading up to baby scan.

Meet Our Ultrasound Technicians

3D Ultrasound Technician

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3D Ultrasound Technician


3D Ultrasound Technician


3D Ultrasound Technician

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