32 Week Ultrasound – What to Expect

HD Ultrasound Third Trimester

One of the questions we get asked a lot at Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio is “When is the best time to see my baby in 3D 4D Ultrasound?” and “When is the best time for an ultrasound to see my baby’s face?

  3D UltrasoundWhile many moms choose to come to our studio multiple times during their pregnancy to watch the baby grow, we recommend 28 – 33-week ultrasound scans for those chubby cheek face shots!  The majority of our pregnant moms come for this particular baby ultrasound right around that 32-week mark. They have already been a few times earlier in pregnancy to see their babies at different stages of development. Coming in at this time helps them space out their ultrasound visits.

What Will I See?

The next question we are asked after helping our mom-to-be determine the best time to come see the baby is “What will I see during my baby’s 4D 32 Week ultrasound scan?” 

This is one of our favorite questions to answer because we love describing what babies may do during their scan.  During your second and third trimester 3D 4D ultrasounds you may see the baby smile, yawn, suck their thumb, or even open their eyes!   Watching your baby in ultrasound may give you some insight into their little personality too. Some babies are shy and some love getting their picture taken.  Some babies are little gymnasts with their feet over their heads the entire scan. And some are just exhausted and want to sleep through it. Oh, and does all that heartburn make you wonder “Does my baby have hair?”  We can actually check for hair during your ultrasound too. If this is your first time seeing your baby’s face, get ready to fall in love! It is truly one of the most amazing experiences you will have during pregnancy. 

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During the Ultrasound

During your ultrasound at Baby Bloom, we can also calculate your baby’s heartbeat, and tell you baby’s position in the womb.  Many of our moms choose to add on one of our adorable My Baby’s Heartbeat Bears to their package. This Heartbeat Animal is a wonderful pregnancy keepsake and includes a recording of your baby’s heartbeat inside to keep.

32 Week Fetus Pictures – 3D, 4D or HD?

Image of baby face at 32 weeks of pregnancy in HD LIVE / 5D Ultrasound

HD Live Imaging

In addition to 3D 4D ultrasound, Baby Bloom is known for our spectacular HD LIVE ultrasound imaging.  This cutting edge imaging is also known as 5D ultrasound. HD LIVE / 5D ultrasound technology uses a moveable light source that “lights up” the image of the baby that is seen during their scan.  This makes it possible for expectant parents to see the facial expressions of their baby with amazing clarity. We recommend this technology anytime past 14 weeks. Especially for your baby’s face shot, ultrasound as we can change the position of the light to more clearly see baby’s features including their eyelids, nose, and lips.

Baby Position at Your 32 Week Ultrasound

So, what if the baby is not in the right position to get good ultrasound photos of their face?  Well, if you brought the family they will all begin trying to talk the baby into a better one!  Once in a while, it works like it did the time the big sister sang “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” to her baby brother and he turned over so we could see him.  Usually, our experienced ultrasound sonographers have to utilize some of their favorite tricks to get baby to turn around though! The mom-to-be may be asked to get up and drink something, cough loudly several times, walk around, or even dance to The Wobble (Hey, whatever works, right? And, it did!).  The ultrasound technician may play music, or pat moms belly as well.

Typically, with some work, we are able to get even the shyest baby to cooperate at some point during their scan. However, if we can’t get good face shots during their baby’s ultrasound, we will invite the mom-to-be back in for a discounted rescan. 

Bring Your Family!

One of the many “perks” of choosing an elective ultrasound imaging studio over a doctor’s office is that friends and family are always welcome to come to join in the fun of seeing the baby.   This is so much fun for gender reveal parties and then later for baby’s face shot ultrasound. At Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio everyone will feel right at home from the moment they step into our beautiful lobby.  Families will find our ultrasound scan room to be cozy with lots of comfortable seating. Our comfortable room is set up for the expectant parent’s to have a bit of privacy while still being in the same room with everyone to watch the baby on the big screen.  This truly is a fun and unforgettable experience, not just for parents, but also for grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends! 

Baby Bloom Scan Room

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