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3D, 4D & HD Live

 Our experienced technicians specialize in 3D ultrasound / 4D ultrasound as well as 5D / HD LIVE at our original ultrasound studio in Valdosta, GA.  

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Early Gender Determination 100% Accuracy Rate

Expectant moms choose Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio because of our reputation for accurate gender determination.  We are the only studio in the area that has maintained a 100% accuracy rate with a money back guarantee.

Want to keep it a secret until your gender reveal party?  No problem!  Just ask the ultrasound technician to seal it in an envelope for you.

Come let us tell you pink or blue today!

Baby Gender Reveal 2D Ultrasound


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8 Week Early Gender Testing Now Available!

Sneak Peek Clinical Early Gender Testing is now available as early as 8 weeks.  This event takes place at our studio every Tuesday morning at 12pm most weeks. 

During this event, a licensed phlebotomist will collect a DNA sample from expectant moms.  These samples are then sent to Sneak Peek’s lab for processing.  Our moms will receive their results as early as the next day.  This is a wonderful option for moms who want to find out their baby’s gender early in pregnancy.

Sneak Peek Clinical Early Gender Test is 99.2% accurate at 8 weeks of pregnancy & 99.7% accurate at 9 weeks of pregnancy.  

There are two package options for our expectant mothers:


SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender Testing


48 Hour Results: $149             24 Hour Results: $169

Depending on which package you choose, Sneak Peek company will send you your baby’s gender results via email, or to email address provided if you prefer not to know right away.

Please Note: Baby Bloom only provides the location for Sneak Peek Early Gender testing and is not responsible for mail delays, or incorrect test results, etc.  While this test is highly accurate, we strongly recommend coming back for a discounted gender confirmation ultrasound between 14-18 weeks of pregnancy.  This discounted ultrasound is $55 (must be done between 14-18 weeks).

Reservations ARE REQUIRED for this event. 

Please call:  (229) 415-4707

Your Baby Ultrasound Experience

Seeing your baby for the first time is one of the most wonderful moments of pregnancy.  Our Bitty Bloom Ultrasound provides expectant moms the experience of seeing their baby for the first time as early as 8 weeks. During this first prenatal scan, you will see your teeny tiny baby and hear their heartbeat.  Printed photos are also included because we know you’ll want to show them off to friends and family!

During baby’s 3D and 4D ultrasound later in pregnancy you may see them smile, yawn, or even open their eyes.  You can now see even more detail when you choose to add on spectacular HD Live imaging.  These ultrasounds allow us to determine baby’s fetal position, and we can also tell if they have hair.  So much fun!

Friends and family are always welcome at Baby Bloom Ultrasound Studio.  Our spacious ultrasound scan room was specifically designed for them to be able to join in the fun of seeing baby.

Find out more about what to expect during your third trimester ultrasound here: https://babybloomhd.com/32-week-ultrasound-what-to-expect/

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