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Pregnancy Ultrasound – When is the Best Time to See Baby?

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One of the most common questions we hear from expectant mothers is “when is the best time for a pregnancy ultrasound to see my baby?”

At Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio we offer 2D Ultrasounds as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy, as well as 3D 4D Ultrasounds with spectacular HD Live from 14 – 38 weeks of pregnancy.  Many expectant moms come in very early in pregnancy to see their baby for the very first time at Baby Bloom.  Others are a bit further along and want to find out (or confirm) whether they’re having a boy, or a girl.  And every mom-to-be wants to see her baby’s face and get a glimpse of their unique personality before they’re born.

Many of our moms come to Baby Bloom multiple times during pregnancy to see their baby at different stages of pregnancy and watch them grow.  In this blog, we want to help you determine what stages of pregnancy are most important for you to see your baby.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound (9-13 weeks)

Baby Gender Reveal 2D Ultrasound
14 Week Early Gender Testing
10 Week Baby Ultrasound

Most moms can hardly wait to see their baby after their positive pregnancy test.  While some prenatal health care providers offer early pregnancy ultrasounds, many do not.   Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio provides early pregnancy scans at just 9 weeks in a cozy, non-medical environment.  During the Bitty Bloom 2D Ultrasound moms get to see baby, watch them move around, and hear their heartbeat (this will be your favorite sound in the world during pregnancy!).  This package includes a heartbeat calculation, and baby’s first ultrasound photos printed in black and white to keep forever.  When mom’s amniotic fluid is super clear, and baby is in a good position, our technician may give a sneak peek in HD Live (pictured in middle photo).  If you are at least 9 weeks pregnant and don’t want to wait another day to see your baby, this is the perfect ultrasound option for you!

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Baby Gender Reveal Ultrasound: 14-22 Weeks of Pregnancy

Baby Gender Reveal

Finding out baby’s gender is more fun than ever especially with a gender reveal ultrasound at Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio!   Our experienced ultrasound technicians specialize in accurate early gender determination at 14+ weeks.  We are the only ultrasound studio in the area that has maintained a 100% accuracy rate in 2017 & 2018!  Whether you are wanting to find out during your baby’s ultrasound, or have it kept secret for a Gender Reveal Party, we have you covered.  During this ultrasound you will get to see your baby and may be surprised at how much they wiggle and kick.  You will also get to hear their heartbeat and receive a heartbeat calculation.  If you choose a 3D 4D Ultrasound Package, or an HD Live Ultrasound Package, you will also get to see your baby in full color, and real time!

Already Know Baby’s Gender?

Sneak Peek Clinical Early Gender DNA Testing is now available at Baby Bloom at just 8 weeks of pregnancy, so many of our moms are choosing to find out baby’s gender earlier than 14 weeks.  Although this test is highly accurate, it is not 100%.  For that reason, we recommend coming back around 14 weeks to confirm that the gender test results you received are accurate.  Getting to see what baby is up to is definitely a bonus!

All of our ultrasound packages, except the Bitty Bloom, include gender determination from 14-22 weeks.  Please note that gender determination can decrease the amount of time available for 3D Ultrasound with HD Live.

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3D | 4D & HD Live Baby Ultrasound: 14-38 Weeks of Pregnancy

14 Week Early Gender Testing
4D Baby Ultrasound
HD Live Baby Ultrasound

The experience you will not want to miss during pregnancy is seeing your baby for the first time in 3D 4D Ultrasound!  Our new, spectacular HD Live ultrasound can be added on to our basic 3D 4D Ultrasound packages.  HD Live ultrasound makes it possible to see baby in amazing detail as early as 14 weeks of pregnancy.

At 14 weeks baby is still very tiny making it possible to see their entire body in 3D 4D Ultrasound and HD Live.  Many moms are amazed at how developed their baby is this early on especially considering how small they still are.  Baby may do flips, kick, and wave during this ultrasound.

Since many of our moms come multiple times during pregnancy, beginning at 14 weeks, we recommend spacing the ultrasound sessions 4-6 weeks apart to see significant growth and development.  Baby’s facial features begin to become more defined later in the second pregnancy trimester.


When is the Best Time for Face Shots of Baby?

Our favorite time for those chunky cheek shots is 29-33 weeks of pregnancy.  Baby may smile, suck their thumb, and even open their eyes during their ultrasound.  We can check for hair and tell you the fetal position of baby at this stage, and you may also get a glimpse of their little personality too!

Although we do not recommend intentionally waiting until 37, or 38 weeks of pregnancy, we have had some of our very best HD Live ultrasounds at this stage.

Baby Bloom 4D Ultrasound Studio is open evenings and weekends.  Friends and family are always welcome to come join in the fun of baby’s first ultrasound.  We hope to see you (and baby!) soon!

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